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beware of scammer on

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beware of scammer on Empty beware of scammer on

Post by bhali333 on Mon 13 Aug 2012 - 23:16

If anyone is thinking of bidding on or buying anything from a person named "Microworm man" on aquabid or anywhere else do not do it!

I ordered and payed for a LG microworm culture and a LG ready to use vinegar eel culture at the cost of 22.00 with shipping.

It has been 2 weeks now and I never received my cultures and the seller microwormman has not returned any e-mails.

He asked for payment with a walmart gift card which I thought was strange but I thought maybe he got burned with paypal or something and this was his payment method of choice.

Buyer beware I guess!!

Anyway he is a scam artist so steer clear!!!


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beware of scammer on Empty Re: beware of scammer on

Post by 2tall on Thu 16 Aug 2012 - 21:59


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