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Betta Fish Care – Free Guide

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Betta Fish Care – Free Guide

Post by iigwk on Mon 26 Sep 2011 - 3:51

Betta fish are considered to be some of the heartiest fish you can purchase, but is this really true? Yes and no. It is true that Betta fish are pretty stout, but this is a somewhat misguided rumor. They got their reputation due to the fact that they can live in some of the dirtiest and cloudiest water out there. The reason for this is because they have the ability to get oxygen direct from the air due to an organ in their bodies. In fact, Betta fish are much like any other exotic fish you need to take care of them diligently.

I put together this short guide in order to help Betta fish owners care for their Bettas. If you head this advice, you should have a happy, healthy Betta fish living in your home.

Betta Fish Care-Free Guide-Steps

The fist thing you want to do once you have selected your fish is to get them a new home. Ditch the jar from the store that is completely ridiculous! Would you want to live in a closet your whole life? Ok, so you want to look for something at a bare minimum of the 1 gallon range. This allows your new family member some swimming room. Now I have seen some pretty creative homes such as a large vases etc. You can get ideas by searching the internet for Betta fish tanks. Plenty of pictures are available.
Next you want to stock the home with a few items to give it that homey feel for your Betta. Think in terms of tank accessories that are going to be fin friendly. Why? As you have probably learned, Bettas tend to have long, beautiful fins that can easily touch things, get caught and tear. So, what you want to look for are things such as smooth pebbles, rocks for the bottom. Soft plant or two depending on tank size. Maybe one small item that sits on the floor of the tank that won’t catch the Betta’s fins. You may also want to color coordinate the tank and its accessories with the room your Betta will be in.
Filling and replacing the water is essential to good Betta Fish care. If you are using the recommended minimum size of 1 gal you can replace about one third to one half of the water once a week without any severe issues. If you do this, then about once a month it is good to completely clean out the tank. The reason for this is the build up of your fish’s fecal matter on the bottom of the tank. You want to get rid of all that build up for obvious health reasons.
Important: If your tank is smaller than 1 gallon, then you will be cleaning out more frequently…keep that in mind!
Feeding is essential to good Betta fish care as well. There are two schools of thought here. One is to just feed your new family member regular fish food from a container. This is perfectly fine. The other is to feed your fish live food such as brine shrimp and bloodworms. These can be picked up at your local pet store. The second option obviously presents a more realistic way for your fish to feed, but either is fine. It is more a matter of personal choice and budget. One other option is to mix up both methods. This keeps a little variety in your Betta’s life which is always good.
Very Important: Do not purchase two Bettas and place them in the same tank. This is the ultimate no-no. They WILL fight and it won’t be pretty. The only time you would ever have two Bettas together is for mating purposes and even then it is for a short time in a very controlled environment. If you are going to purchase two or more Bettas for your children, be sure to explain how important this is. Bettas are very territorial. In the real world, if a Betta accidentally crosses into another’s territory, they can usually just swim away, but a tank turns into an arena for more than one fish.
Another word on Betta tank management. Placement is important. Be sure to place you tank or bowl in a location that allows for frequent viewing by you and your guests. Betta fish have been known to put on a show every once in a while when people are near the tank. You may see them swimming and jumping around quickly, or just staring back at you which is always fun. They might follow you around as well (in their tank of course).
This leads to another Betta fish care tip: cover your tank. These guys have been known to jump out of the tank, bowl if they can. There are two ways to prevent this. Do not fill the tank or bowl all the way to the top if you don’t have it covered. Or, cover the top.
Cleanliness is important to Betta fish care so be sure to stay on top of this. When you notice left over food in your tank after about 30 to 45 mins of feeding. Go ahead and pull it out with a net. This helps to eliminate bacteria/fungal growth.
It is better to feed your Betta several times throughout the day in small amounts. They aren’t big on the one big meal a day concept.

Betta fish care is a pretty simple task when you know the ins and outs. This free guide is very basic but should get you started. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


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