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What kinda betta is Miss Piggy?

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What kinda betta is Miss Piggy? Empty What kinda betta is Miss Piggy?

Post by fishboy14564 on Sun 8 Jul 2012 - 2:32

I was recently given a second hand fish, appropriately named Miss Piggy. I would like to know what type or kind of betta one might call her as well as any advice on her health or age. I have years of fish experience and Miss Piggy has a cush life with me but I've never been given a 3 inch obese betta. She's incredibly active and flares aggressively at others in a very butch way, even blowing a few bubbles around the edge of her water, but never making a nest. Her appearance and size makes me think male. I was thinking of putting her on a one pellet a day diet for a while to try to slim her down. And correct me if I'm wrong but bettas only become ripe with eggs in the presence of a male and that's not something I have to worry about right? She looks like she could lay a bunch of eggs right now but that's how she's always looked. Any thoughts much appreciated! Sorry my pictures aren't high quality...she's very active.

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What kinda betta is Miss Piggy? Empty Re: What kinda betta is Miss Piggy?

Post by Nataliey on Tue 11 Dec 2012 - 13:13

Hi, the size you described is that the length of her body or the whole fish she sounds like a giant betta to me or possibly half giant.

Is 'she' building nests all the time? are they big nests like a male would build?

Is it her tummy part that is fat? If so you dont always need a male for a female to produce eggs they produce eggs daily but more so when they are being conditioned to breed.

What are her fins/tail like are they long? how long are the ventrals?

Age wise i dont know without seeing her.

You tried giving her a cooked, shelled chopped up peas once a week is good and fast her for one day also. this will help getting her back to a routine where she wont look fat and will benefit her in the long run.

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