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A little late on the introductions but Hello all the same

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A little late on the introductions but Hello all the same

Post by Shortstakes on Sat 9 Jun 2012 - 11:59

My name is Lisa and I've always loved looking at an aquarium since I was young. My father was the one who owned a very large aquarium with a variety of fish. My favorite fish of all were the Arowana's until they grew large enough to eat the baby Oscars my dad told me it wouldn't eat. None of the baby Oscars were spared. During the same time that my father got into fish keeping Two of my older brothers also took to fish keeping, but they were into a different kind of fish.

The Betta fish, thought at that time my brother's were into them largely because fighting them used to be a past time. I fell in love with the Betta fish because of the different colors in had and the way it would flare and strike down live food. I never got to keep any Betta in my younger years because any Betta kept in my house at the time were used for fighting.

Now my home is quickly filling up with Betta's that swim in tanks larger than a goldfish bowl plus the addition of my Cory cats and fancy guppies. My aquarium is my hobby and I love it to bits

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