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Hello Empty Hello

Post by aceninjababe on Sun 3 Jun 2012 - 11:34

Hi, i'm Christine and from Scotland. I have 14 baby GALS. 1 purple apple snail, 1 pink ramshorn snail, 2 malaysian trumpet snails, 6 Platys (various), 2 swordtails and 10 cloudminnows (various). My son has 2 baby GALS, 1 Golden apple snail, 1 goldfish and 1 cory catfish, My daughter has 2 baby GALS and 1 cory catfish, and my other daughter has 2 baby GALS, 1 cory catfish and 1 betta. As you can see we like snails but are a little bit over run with them or will be when they are bigger. Bought my children their GALS and decided I wanted some as well so bought 10 eggs thinking only some would hatch, was sent 22 eggs and snails (reckon the eggs hatched in transit). 4 eggs not hatched and gave 1 to my son as his died (he doesn't know), other 3 are missing and reckon they died.


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Hello Empty Re: Hello

Post by 2tall on Mon 4 Jun 2012 - 6:36


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