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should not have gone in!!

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should not have gone in!! Empty should not have gone in!!

Post by liz2 on Sat 2 Jun 2012 - 20:17

I am completely full of fish....front room, big tank with one rescue very old fish and a little friend. kitchen tropical tank with flipping babies in! 10 fighters in tanks! 2 fighters in hall! pond with 20 odd fish in. upstairs, 2 baby fish rescued from pond, 2 fancy fish that were ill but have now recovered, 2 fish on holiday from play group! so I go in shop and see a pretty pale blue vt. walk out of aquatic department. convince myself that I could put him in with tropical so go back in and buy him. come home and decide he will eat the babies, so he is sort of sitting in the kitchen in a small tank. Why do I do it, why dont they ban me!!

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should not have gone in!! Empty Re: should not have gone in!!

Post by 2tall on Mon 4 Jun 2012 - 6:34

You do it because you are compulsive. You know in the back of your mind that
we don't look without the slight intention of seeing something we like. Pay them off if you want to be banned.

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