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Hello everyone

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Hello everyone Empty Hello everyone

Post by Chummycena on Fri 1 Jun 2012 - 5:04

Hi everyone,
My name is Cena and I'm from Oklahoma, United States. I kept betta as a teen and loved it, but only recently have jumped back into it. I rescued a sick betta about a month and a half ago but unfortunately he was already too ill and lived only for another month. But the experience reminded me how much I loved the fish themselves, so I have purchased another fish just this afternoon. He's a delta male with very interesting coloring, and so far he seems to be loving his new home. Anyway I decided to join as this is a large forum and felt it would be a good resource for any questions or troubles I might have along the way.


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Hello everyone Empty Re: Hello everyone

Post by 2tall on Fri 1 Jun 2012 - 20:04

Welcome to Paradise Cena.

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