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Sorely tempted for a pygmy hedgehog...

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Sorely tempted for a pygmy hedgehog... Empty Sorely tempted for a pygmy hedgehog...

Post by lilacamy931 on Thu 28 Jul 2011 - 21:17

Hello All
First sorry have not been on in ages, I got out of fish keeping a while back and also have been super busy (planning a wedding etc).

My birthday is coming up and when asked what I would like, instantly Pygmy hedgehog. I have longed for one since seeing Netty get hers. Researched since, spoken with various peeps about it. And now someone local is selling theirs with complete set up and litter trained as they have two jobs and can't care for him. It is almost...fate?

She is selling him for £150 with complete set up, he is on IAMs food, litter trained, she has his favourite toys and best of all he was originally got from the Essex breeding pygmy place. I have only seen one picture and smitten, his name is Harry..

I guess I wanted tips. Also advice as we are a top floor flat with 2 house cats. I understand being indoors all the time is ideal due to temperature, we can also have a decent run on the balcony for occasional events. I dont think anyone can predict what the cats will do but they are wusses to everything and also wont be allowed near the little guy.

My basic understanding is to clean out once to twice a week thoroughly, also disposing of dropping daily. To vary their diet so they don't get pinickty. To handle daily and also that he will mostly be nocturnal (from what I understand his favourite time is 10pm).

I understand about quilling (though he is 11 months and understand they live 3-5 years) and also about the "licking" thing (can't remember what called now but not to panic and they havent got rabies!).

Most importantly I understand not to let them get cold and not to hibernate as fatal, also to clip claws.

How have I done?

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Sorely tempted for a pygmy hedgehog... Empty Re: Sorely tempted for a pygmy hedgehog...

Post by Netty on Thu 4 Aug 2011 - 3:40

I've pm'd you hun.

The licking is called annointing. Also if he doesn't have one then a flying saucer wheel is great. Bootsie runs on his every night and they are much easier to clean than the ordinary wheels.

I would also ask if he is registered. If he is then you can get it transfered into your name.

Sorely tempted for a pygmy hedgehog... Pbucket

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