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maybe you can help me..

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maybe you can help me..

Post by evanthomas on Mon 27 Jun 2011 - 17:58

i am going to post a video along with the video description copy and pasted into here. i was thinking if anybody had any experience with this injury in any other animals or humans. or even anybody out there that works out has any suggestions to exercise a horses pectoral muscle? acupuncture? any vitamins that aid in nerve repair? i'm sure a doctor or physical therapist may be on here. i'm not afraid to admit that i'm very much in the dark about this as also are many horse owners in my situation. i was told by somebody else who has a horse who isn't fully recovering from this tell me that it is normally full recovery or no recovery at all. a lot of what i've read online were very sad stories. any thoughts or opinions from anybody are appreciated.

My five year old mare athena ran into a fence 4/9/2011 and got stabbed by a piece of fence into her chest area. She was bleeding "all over" as my friends said. They called me and the vet and I was there in an hour and the vet was already halfway done sewing her up. She had gone into shock immediately after the injury and stayed out of it even until late in the night I didn't leave the barn until at least ten when I was beginning to nod off sitting on the floor of her stall. The vet had confirmed that she had hit her radial nerve. We don't know if she severed it or just crushed it or how bad the nerve itself was damaged but she wouldn't walk that night and for a week after couldn't walk very steadily. She stayed in her stall for two weeks with all four legs wrapped and poultice in her hoof to prevent founder. She was taken out twice a day during those two weeks by me and my two best friends to take off the wraps, massage her legs and hand walk her for 20 minutes. She was given salt in her grain to encourage her to drink, an antibiotic (for two weeks), probios (til a couple days after the antibiotic) and two and a half vitamin b1 pills once a day. After two weeks she was let out into her own small field alone (happened to be her fifth birthday 4/24 what a nice gift) for a week. Then moved her back into her field. She know only slightly drags her foot every other step and has severe muscle atrophy in her left pectoral causing her to paddle that foot. I am currently not shoing her but she is getting regular trims. I recently put her on a joint supplement suggested by my vet. I rode her once in week 9 just walking and a light jog and once in week 11 the same thing. She is very energetic in the field and runs all around with the other horses. Please let me know if you've experienced this type of injury or are now.

In the video I show you her walking, her scar and her muscle atrophy. Any suggestions on rebuilding her muscle are much appreciated.


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