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I need a photo

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I need a photo

Post by Nataliey on Sun 3 Apr 2011 - 17:12

Im after a male betta any tail type but it has to be yellow and black in colour...iv asked my MH aquatics if they would be able to import one for me but i need a photo of one so they can email to their supplier/breeder as they dont really understand english as iv had experience with in the past not getting the colours right!!!

If anyone has or can find a photo that looks like a 'BUMBLE BEE' so yellow body with black stripes that would do me a massive favour...the only photo iv found so far is this one:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

But its not exactly what im wanting...if anyone can help me find a photo that would be most appreciated

...thanks in advance...

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