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Planting Assistance For 20gl. Long

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Planting Assistance For 20gl. Long

Post by 2tall on Fri 4 Mar 2011 - 19:41

I received my package deal yesterday which included several different plants including some floaters;
water lettuce and frog bit. Also some Najas grass and Java moss. Some others I'll identify later today.

I read its better to use a generic soil without Perlite( it floats forever & clings) but soil with Vermiculite is
acceptable. It was suggested that the soil be laid and dried out as to release ammonia gas. Is this true
and how necessary is it? I'm anxious to get them planted as they are just floating in the tank ATM. Will
they be okay overnight as I let the soil dry

Also I used a detoxifier for the high nitrates which supposedly doesn't remove them. Will the detoxified
nitrates still be beneficial to the plants? I'm hoping so!

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