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In Store Rescue!

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In Store Rescue!

Post by 2tall on Thu 30 Dec 2010 - 2:49

I went into my least favorite pet section at Walmart the other day looking for cheap silk plants and of
course they have Bettas again. I couldn't resist a peak so I took one. Thats when I noticed two male
CT's in the same cup. I looked around for a store clerk but wasn't waiting all night. Thats when I noticed
an empty cup in the back row. I wasn't going to leave them together so I popped both tops and
balanced the water between the two cups in preparation. Then I curled my fingers, scooped one out and
had them separated in less than two shakes!


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Re: In Store Rescue!

Post by Luimeril on Thu 30 Dec 2010 - 6:21

i did the same back when my walmart randomly decided to sell bettas. i musta looked odd, sitting in the middle of the aisle, two betta cups between my legs, scooping a very hurt betta outta one cup and into another. i would have taken the "loser", had i the money and room. i still regret leaving him there. :< poor boy.

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Re: In Store Rescue!

Post by liz2 on Sun 2 Jan 2011 - 22:28

I would hate to see the bettas in cups...x

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Re: In Store Rescue!

Post by Glegorly on Fri 28 Jan 2011 - 13:52

What on earth are two Bettas doing in the same cup lol? I'm sure its down to pure laziness that the person dividing them couldn't be bothered to fish it out and put it in another pot. Do they not wonder why they put them in cups in the first place!?


It's good of you to help the little fish out with moving them...your doing someone elses job for them which they should have done correctly from the start! Mad


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Re: In Store Rescue!

Post by KalandraJane on Fri 11 Feb 2011 - 4:22

You know what's good about a plastic cup with a lid? Fits neatly into a coat pocket and isn't electronically tagged. Just sayin'.

I'm always doing it at one of the lfs we go to as well... they have a betta barracks system and the filtration flow works by drawing the water through a little gap at the bottom of each divider, which is meant to be covered with gravel. Often the gravel is moved about, and a betta slips under the tiny hole. There are always poor VT boys in together, apparently it happens all day every day... just put more bloody gravel in then!

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Re: In Store Rescue!

Post by Sponsored content

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