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Petco "King Betta"

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Petco "King Betta"

Post by DreyOfAud on Mon 29 Nov 2010 - 0:00

Does anyone know what a "King Betta" is? They have them at Petco.. they look kind of like plakats and are much larger than the regular bettas they sell.

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Here's an article about them.

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Some say they are hybrids between betta species, some say they're betta splendes that have been bred to be larger, and some say they are just really old plakats. Has anyone ever owned one? Let me know! I'm thinking about getting one!

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Re: Petco "King Betta"

Post by SiennaBay on Mon 29 Nov 2010 - 1:20

I have heard that they are betta hybrids but Petco is keeping their exact origins "secret". I know someone who has one. They tend not to be as aggressive as other betta types. I think they are really cool and wouldn't mind buying one myself. A lot of them have really great colors!

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