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Forum Review - Result

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Forum Review - Result Empty Forum Review - Result

Post by Vandraco aka Bronzecat on Wed 10 Feb 2010 - 16:44

I recently put the forum up for review by Forumotion analysts. I happy to say we did very well Very Happy The report is below for you to have a look through. Some of the recommendations have already been implemented and the others will be done soon. You'll notice that the reviewer praises the activity and friendliness of the forum members, which is down to all you guys Very Happy
So, here is the report -

Forum Review - Result Yourfo10


Forum Review - Result Review12 Congratulations! Your free forum review has been completed. The forum review will hold many tips, suggestions, comments, and feedback that's convenient and voluntary for your forum. Here is your forum review:

Forum Review - Result Genera12 Generalities

  1. First Impressions (Score: 15/20):
    When I first came into the forum, it first led me to the index so we'll definitely start here, I saw a darky and a bit calmy atmosphere on the index with blue colors there, that's a nice work, the colors looks nice, the top portion of the index seems to have a lot of contents to be seen there with lots of fonts and graphics found there(such as the affiliates on the homepage message), but it doesn't matter but I think it would be better if you'll put the affiliates in the bottom part of the forum, the top portion would look a bit nicer and neater on that way, now, the middle to the bottom part of the index is just fine, the index is really looking organized! But I noticed it's too long, but nice work there! Now to the portal, I don't know if this is only on my computer's screen resolution but all of the widgets found there seems to be packed or tighten up at the middle/center part of the portal page, the widget's size seemed to be compressed especially the widget on middle(column2), I think it would be better if you'll make the widget's size a bit bigger or it's better if you'll spread them out on the portal page, the portal page is also long, you can reduce the number of news shown there to make it a bit shorter, so just try to fix those things.

  2. Categories & Forums (Score: 6/10):
    To the sets of forums and categories on the index, I think that this is an animal or aquatic animals related forum, now, I'm really confused because there's also other forums that is not about animals which made me really confused, but the forum's name made it all clear,the included name 'betta',(because I'd seen several forums with name 'betta' on each), so I think the forums gives emphasis to the forum's subject, so I'd say you had nice amount and set of discussions forums for thee main purpose of the forum, nice work there, now, let's go to the organization of the forums, I liked the arrangement of the forums, arranged professionaly from important to non important, but 1 thing I can suggest you to make it more professional is swapping the positions of 'rules & regulations' forum and 'announcement' forum, it's most often to see rules forum at the very first position, making this would make your forum look more professional, so try to adjust that, now, to the appearance of the forum, I think it would be better if you'll remove the moderators shown for each forum, it just adds some more fonts on the index which makes it look a bit messy, or try placing those moderators on 1 group to reduce the user names shown there, I'd also seen you had a category with only 1 forum(other pets category), this is usually odd looking so I would suggest you to have more than 1 forums in a category, or move that single forum in another category, it will look more professional this way, another thing, I saw almost all of the forum had descriptions except with 1 forum only, that's the 'Linked Sites' forum, if you wouldn't mind adding also description there so you maintain sameness to all forums. So just try to fix those things.

Generalities total :: 21/30

Forum Review - Result Forums10 Forum Style

  1. Major Graphics (Score: 5/10):
    At first glance, I would describe the banner being plain and with less colors being seen there, it's also a bit looking old with the fonts and colors placed there, first of all, It's true that it looks plain due to the background color, I would try to add some wavy effects there to make it more look aquatic, the font is also a bit looking old but I think adding more graphic effects and images would make it look better and as I'd mentioned from the first impressions, I thought that this was only about fishes dues to I'd seen only a fish there so as I'd suggested above, try to add more images there that would give more emphasis to the forum's main subject.(2/5)

    Navigation Bar:
    The main navigation bars on the index are also looking a bit plain, with less colors seen there, I'd also suggest you same thing here, get some new navigation bars with more aquatic effects or with added small icons beside it, it would improve the forum's design, now, the other navigation bar(new topic & post reply) are a bit better than the main one's, atleast it has some blue color that fits to the forum's color, I think it would be better if you'll make the main one's also like this. So try to adjust those things.(3/5)

  2. Forum Layout & Color Scheme (Score: 9/10):
    From my first impression to this forum, I liked the calmy effect on the atmosphere of the forum, with blue colors that make it really calmy, also adds aquatic designs, I also noticed the bubble effects on those colors, looks really nice, the dark color doesn't matter, it still looks good even not to change it.

  3. Images & Icons (Score: 6/10):
    From the banner part as I'd mentioned lately, try to add images there related to the forum not only 1 single animal there, most of the guests might thing that this is a 100% aquatic forum, you have no 'who is online?' but It would be better to have one, it will add more designs to the forum that can attract more people on the site, the forum icons(new post, no new post & forum is locked) are just brilliant for the forum, it's really an aquatic one, but the other one icon(forum is locked) doesn't relate with the other forum icons, It would be better if you'll have the fish thingy there with x mark to make it look a locked icon. Making this will make your forum look more professional and creative.

Forum Style total :: 20/30

Forum Review - Result Usergr10 Usergroups

  1. Population of Groups (Score: 10/10):
    I'd seen about a total of 5 staff member on the forum which includes 3 administrators and 2 moderators, so for the number of administrators, it's fine for me, since this is a bit active forum, you can have 3 but remember to maintain 3 unless you can control the whole forum, adding more would make this forum overpopulated with admins so try to retain this number, 2 moderators is also fine since you have 2 other admins to help these to out, so, overall, nice amount of staff, no need to add more at the moment.

  2. Staff Groups / User Groups (Score: 9/10):
    There are about 4 user groups in total which includes Administration group, moderation group, members group and sales group, now, that's a nice amount of group, considering it's less and all of the group seems to have nice use of it, nice work, I don't think you need to add more since it's covered well, but I'm just wondering why you had same colors for the group 'sales' & 'members', It would be better to have different colors to these 2 groups so members can easily identify who are who since there are also lots of members in the sales group.

Usergroups :: 19/20

Forum Review - Result Foruma30 Forum Activity

  1. Post/Member Ratio & Quantity (Score: 10/10):
    Our users have posted a total of 32083 messages
    We have 189 registered users
    The newest registered user is reviewer
    That's a huge amount of total posts, nice work of earning these! The posting activity of the forum is considered to be high and it's continuing, I's seen alot of forums with last posts being made today and yesterday, there are also lots of forums with large amount of posts, new posts were also made while I;m reviewing the forum, nice work! Keep it up.

  2. Users Active (Score: 9/10):
    Members connected during last 48 hours : aly_starh, Assaye, beckyhazel, cammeronlaud, CeeJayy, crystal, dracul, emeleeliggett, Etcetera, flip, Haych, jasminek, kizno1, Lairewen, liamg1285, lilacamy931, liz2, M.R.B, mellychops, Mewmew42, Nath J, Netty, Newfishy, OceanMaria, pippoodle, ReptileLuver729, reviewer, Rezz, silverrabbit, Storm, The young one, timkel, tropical girl, Vandraco aka Bronzecat, Wilsonnw8
    There are lots of users logging in! nice work but it's set to 48 hours, but it still nice, but it's amazing I'd seen that there are about 108 users being most online, nice work, keep that up!

Forum Activity total :: 19/20

Forum Review - Result Genera12 Other

Grade Legend: A- Outstanding! B-Very Good C-Good D-Fair/Average E-Poor F-Very Poor

  • Aestheticsm: C
  • Organization: B
  • Originality: B
  • Forum Language: B
  • Professionalism: C
  • Rules and Terms of Services: B
  • Cleanliness of The Index/Portal: B
  • Creativity: C
  • Forum Features: B
  • Staff Moderation and Activity: B


Forum Review - Result Yourov10
Overall Marking: 79/100
You have passed!

Forum Review - Result Conclu10

What could be done to improve your forum:
FOllow what I suggested above.

The best thing I like about your forum:
The activity of the forum.

Forum Review - Result Pbucket
Vandraco aka Bronzecat
Vandraco aka Bronzecat

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Forum Review - Result Empty Re: Forum Review - Result

Post by aly_starh on Wed 10 Feb 2010 - 20:22

wooohooo! Smile Well done guys Smile


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Forum Review - Result Empty Re: Forum Review - Result

Post by Storm on Wed 10 Feb 2010 - 23:33

Well Done guys!!!


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Forum Review - Result Empty Re: Forum Review - Result

Post by tropical girl on Thu 11 Feb 2010 - 9:09

looking good well done all!! Forum Review - Result 242844
tropical girl
tropical girl

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Forum Review - Result Empty Re: Forum Review - Result

Post by Haych on Thu 11 Feb 2010 - 11:27

thats why we all keep coming back Very Happy

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Forum Review - Result Empty Re: Forum Review - Result

Post by Netty on Thu 11 Feb 2010 - 16:33

Thanks everyone Forum Review - Result Icon_biggrin We're trying to work through the changes recommended and many have been done now.

We can submit again after two weeks and hopefully get a higher score next time Forum Review - Result 242844

Forum Review - Result Pbucket

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Forum Review - Result Empty Re: Forum Review - Result

Post by Sponsored content

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