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Reminder about pictures

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Reminder about pictures Empty Reminder about pictures

Post by Vandraco aka Bronzecat on Tue 1 Sep 2009 - 1:39

Hi all

Can i just remind all users to ensure that any pictures you post are a maximum 640px x 480px. This is because it slows the board up for users on slower internet connections and dial ups.

Also concerning pictures - Whilst everyone enjoys posting and viewing peoples photos, could i ask that you consider whether the pictures you are posting are similar? i.e. Will 2 or 3 pictures show your fish just as well as 6 or more?

And finally :D And this is purely my thought. When you have a multple page thread, which contains photos and updates, could you post updated pictures in the new post rather than in the first post? This saves clicking "view new posts", and then having to go back to the first page and scrolling through the original photos littleangel

Its not a major issue, so nobody need worry :D

Reminder about pictures Pbucket
Vandraco aka Bronzecat
Vandraco aka Bronzecat

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Reminder about pictures Empty Re: Reminder about pictures

Post by Netty on Wed 23 Sep 2009 - 15:20

Bump up........Please could all members read this!!!!

We love to see pics but alot of multiple pics are being posted that are virtually identical thumbup

Reminder about pictures Pbucket

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